New Lancia Chrysler Badge Revealed!

Following sad news about Lancia/Chrysler, we all have been in deep thoughts about the future of Lancia brand as such.

"Legend claims that the [Rolls-Royce] badge lettering was changed from red to black to mark the death of Sir Henry Royce in 1933. In fact, Sir Henry had himself decided to change the lettering as black was better suited to the color schemes." (full article here)
The Lancia badge has already suffered one nasty change, I mean, getting rid of the shield and the flag, and the steering wheel? Biscaretti must be turning in his grave as I type this. Why oh why people in car industry tend to conveniently forget about their heritage?
Anyhow, partly inspired by the Rolls-Royce badge story and to pay my respects, here's the new Lancia Chrysler badge. 

I'd like to say a huuuuuuge thank you to the very special person who spent 4 hours working on this badge whilst I was breathing down his neck. 

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