This website has started out as a blog where I would publish the pictures of Lancias I've seen out and about. As I was living in France at the time, it was a fairly easy job to do. Hence the spot a Lancia name.

It has slowly morphed into "all things Lancia" resource - events, thoughts, controversies, photographs, you can find everything here. I've always been passionate about writing, so most of what you read here is original content.

  • do not make any profit from this blog and I do not intend to do so. However I will accept donations such as free rides in Lancias, if you are feeling generous.
  • All pictures that were taken by me are my intellectual property, but feel free to use them (don't forget to credit us for them though!!)
  • If you happen to own a car I photographed and you're unhappy about it - please get in touch and I'll remove the content. You may want to sue me for all I'm worth, but I am really poor. I'd happily buy you a drink though.
  • If you'd like to be featured here, get in touch as well!