One clever Lancista pointed out to me in an email that 'I think you should at least have a standard disclaimer 'this site ain't nowt ta do wit dat dem Lancha company an' all dat stuff' I do need a disclaimer

Anyway, here goes: The views expressed on this blog are mine and do not reflect the official opinion of Lancia/Fiat company. Also, I do not work for or represent Lancia.

All banners and links that you see on this page are the websites I go on and communities I'd like to support. I do not make any profit from them and I do not ever intend to.

If you've got something that is Lancia related that you want to share with the world - simply email me a link/banner/animation and I will place it on my blog.

Feel free to share the link to my blog as well. I won't pay you, but I might buy you a drink.